How to choose office furniture in four areas of office space?

We stay in the office almost every day. The office is our usual place to work. The quality of the office environment directly affects the mood of the employees and the efficiency of the office. The quality of office furniture is related to whether the office can be more comfortable or not, and to the input and efficiency of employeeswork.
Office space has different office areas, not all office areas are the same, different office areas have different characteristics, so how to choose office furniture for different office space? Guanmei will talk about how to choose office furniture for four areas: front desk, public office area, conference area, leisure dining area.

Front office furniture
The front desk of an enterprises office space is the first mirror of the enterprise. The first impression of the front desk to the visiting customers or candidates is the display of the image of the enterprise. The selection and purchase of office furniture in the front desk area should embody the cultural image and taste of the enterprise.
The office furniture in the front desk area should be customized as far as possible, highlighting the logo of the enterprise, showing the taste of the enterprise and highlighting the culture of the enterprise, so the choice of office furniture here is particularly important.
Office Furniture in Public Office Area
Public office area is the most important area in the office. What is the importance? Public office area is the office area of the companys employees. The area where the employees stay in the office for the longest time is here, and they spend the longest time with office furniture in the public office area.
Reasonable use of office furniture and skillful use of the overall collocation of space can create a positive atmosphere, make the whole office space vivid, and stimulate the efficiency of the staff. The choice of office furniture directly affects the office efficiency of employees.

Office Furniture in Conference Area
As a place where employees focus on their work, the atmosphere in the conference room should be serious and stable, and the choice of office furniture in the conference room should also conform to this principle.
A good conference room can stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to discuss, so apart from the basic condition that the office furniture should match the space size and layout of the conference room, we should also consider the color, shape, material and other aspects to create an open and active conference area as far as possible.

Office Furniture in Leisure Catering Area
Leisure catering area reflects the details of enterprises concern for employees, and it is also an important part of office decoration. The choice of office furniture in leisure area is mainly practical, comfortable and interesting. You can choose more comfortable seats to let employees relax in busy working space.
For catering areas, enterprises can choose to place large right-angle tables or small tables according to their own space. The choice of tables, chairs and tableware should also be consistent with the overall style of the company, and the enterprise culture will be in-depth details.