Hidden danger of office furniture, teach you how to avoid

365 days a year, for office workers, most of the time in the office, as long as more than eight hours in the crown office furniture "day and night together".
Office furniture is an indispensable tool in the office. The quality of office furniture is related to whether employees can work more comfortably.

辦公家具潛在的隱患For office furniture, we should also observe carefully. It is possible that office furniture has hidden dangers that we can not notice. Today Xiaomei teaches us how to avoid the potential dangers of office furniture.<br/>?<br/>Potential hazards of office furniture<br/>1. Deformation phenomena of office furniture such as loosening and glue opening soon after use<br/>The connection of office furniture is tenon-mortise structure. If the technology of office furniture factory is not up to standard, office furniture will appear some phenomena, such as not tightly connected and metal parts are not fixed firmly. Long-term use of office furniture will leave hidden dangers to the office environment.教你如何規避

2. Newly bought office furniture has a pungent odor
When buying office furniture, especially panel office furniture, if you find that office furniture has strong odor, it is recommended not to buy.

The better environmental protection grade is F4 star and E0 grade plate. The average emission limit of F4 star formaldehyde can not exceed 0.3 mg/L, while the average emission limit of E0 grade formaldehyde can not exceed 0.5 mg/L.
3. Cracks and moths appeared at the joints of office furniture
Good wood paint can wrap and protect office furniture well, and make furniture lasting and bright, but poor quality paint will not only emit strong odor, but also cause cracking, moth and other deformation due to improper protection.

How to Avoid the Potential Danger of Office Furniture
1. Compare the tree species or board of office furniture before buying.
Generally speaking, log furniture and solid wood furniture will be much more environmentally friendly than panel furniture, but the performance of log furniture is not stable as solid wood.
The hardness of wood also affects the service life of office furniture. African green wood, white walnut, basswood and other tree species have poor hardness in wood.

2. Observing the appearance and wood grain of office furniture
When purchasing office furniture, if it is solid wood office furniture, it can detect its moisture content, wood grain clarity, surface smoothness, whether the odor is abnormal, etc.
If it is board office furniture, check whether the edge is rigorous, whether the hardware is loose, whether the veneer texture is consistent, etc.

3. Testing the stability of office furniture
When choosing office furniture, the load-bearing and stability of office furniture should be tested. Consumers should experience it personally, shake or drag chairs, etc.
See if the tenon and groove connection position is loose, whether there is obvious noise, if office furniture is fixed only with small screws or glue, Guan Xiaomei advises you not to buy.

4. Inspection of Wood Paint on the Surface of Office Furniture
Wood paint can better protect office furniture, but inferior wood paint or containing free formaldehyde and other harmful substances.
Generally speaking, paint has higher hardness and fullness, but water-based paint is more environmentally friendly. However, it should be noted that office furniture has a strong taste, and it is recommended not to buy it.

In order to reduce the various potential risks of office furniture, it is recommended to buy powerful and secure brand office furniture merchants. Guanmei office furniture is worth choosing.