Is there nowhere to put the office umbrella? Its time to give an umbrella a seat.

Unconsciously, the winter solstice has passed, and the winter solstice is an important season in the 24 solar terms. The coming of the winter solstice heralds the beginning of the cold winter.
But this years winter solstice in Guangdong is a "short sleeve" winter solstice. The other day you wore down jacket, but these two days you wore short sleeves.

Never put your down clothes away. A new round of cold air has arrived, not only cooling, but also raining.
From this morning, the rain began to drip. The weather forecast warned us to take an umbrella when we went out.

On rainy days, it is unavoidable to get wet when walking through the rain on the way to work. When arriving at the office, I carry a wet umbrella and dont know where to put it.
As soon as your hands are closed, the water droplets are scattered; as soon as you put them away, they are free and unrestrained. Umbrellas are scattered around in various postures.

Whenever it rains, we will see umbrellas stacked randomly, some lying on the ground, some sitting on the ground, some stretching out.
"All kinds of colors and styles", like a second-hand umbrella market, is disorderly.
The ubiquitous umbrella has a great influence on the beauty of office furniture environment.
And the water droplets carried on the umbrella always make the interior floor of the office wet.
When people come and go, the floor becomes dirty. If youre not careful, you may have four feet facing the sky.
Umbrella, everyone will use, seemingly small items, do not accept the work properly, will make the whole office environment look chaotic.
It is said that details determine success or failure. Never let a wet umbrella lower the level of the whole office environment.
Are you still worrying about the nowhere to put the wet umbrella? Guanmei Online helps companies improve their office environment and launch umbrella collection artifacts.
The umbrella that shelters you from the wind and rain also needs its own "seat".

The umbrella receives artifacts, makes the umbrella placed at random orderly, and helps to keep the office environment dry.
Guanmei Online launched umbrella shelf and umbrella barrel, two styles, to meet the needs of different occasions.Minimalist umbrella holder is made of steel plate, fluent design with the simplicity of modern pursuit temperament, more durable usage.
Umbrella rack can place more umbrellas, make full use of indoor space, avoid waste of resources, save space and facilitate use.

The umbrella barrel is also made of steel plate. Unlike the umbrella rack, the umbrella barrel is composed of two barrels, one for long umbrella and the other for short umbrella.
The simple design of the umbrella bucket is clear at a glance. The bottom tray is used to collect rainwater and protect the floor from being damaged by soaking.
Umbrella should stay where it should be. Minimalist umbrella can be placed at will according to demand.
Umbrella receives artifacts, which can make our office environment more beautiful, and solve the problem of indoor umbrella placement nowhere.